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These rotating slides illustrates the ever evolving areas of interests in computer science which are applied in my day to day operations or striving to be achieved.
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macOS Programming

Using Xcode and Swift language for creating basic window apps with a few edit boxes.
For general and database programming I utilize FileMaker with the benefit to port the apps to IOS.
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Windows Applications

Based on Delphi programming language and Embarcadero's IDE. The easiest way to produce a single exe file and be an office hero.
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PDF Forms

Based on JavaScript that make everyone to confirm your status as an office hero.
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With the help of the little helpers incorporated in the major OSs - mainly OS X:
  • RegEx
  • AppleScript
  • Lua
  • PowerShell (Win only)
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Web Programming

Based on PHP and Zend Framework (e.g. ZF2)
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Contents Creation

Based on commercial and open-source tools, which allow you to create easily and professionally looking:
  • Images
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • PDFs
  • Texts
  • Spreadsheets
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2D Animations

Based on Toon Boom software.
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The image on the left is an original art by the author of this site. It tries to convey that any approach to problem solving task is based on expertise of subject matter with applied art and science fundamentals. The two projects that inspired the need for self publishing were E-Login and Image Cookie Cutter. You can find more about them and author's expertise here.